Saturday, 27 October 2012

Zenzile - Electric Soul (Yotanka) 2012

Sharp guitar skank, feline bass line. From Scars, the opening piece, the tone is set. After two albums (monochrome in Living and Pawn Shop) where he explored, in his own way, the rock of her adolescence, the angevin group returned to fundamental dub. While affirming its ability to renew itself. First surprise: all tracks are sung. And not just by the faithful Jamika, whose throaty, sensual voice comes out of the Grace Jones register where she was locked. The new recruit, Jay Ree, brings his wide vocal range (vibrato way Horace Andy, hard-hitting hip-hop flow, soul crooning...) of new colors. And when the two are put together, it gives Stay, a kind of Tainted Love bass riff and the chorus eye-catching that could bring to Zenzile wider notoriety he deserves. Finally, his stamp frayed, Winston McAnuff made the sweaty Magic Number one of the peaks of the disk. Musically, Zenzile relies on a reggae-dub base fully mastered to project itself towards new horizons. Electro touches (Yuri's become and passed to the Vocoder voice); a blues-soul nod to Hendrix (Man Made Machine) ; a wonderful Odyssey of more than eight minutes (Over/Time, fragrance of Riders on the storm) where the voice of Jamika, clarinet, Rhodes piano and a flight of stratospheric guitar vie intensity... Zenzile operates on Electric Soul a back to the future bright.

1. Stay (4:04)
2. Roosters At War (4:07)
3. Double Trouble (7:24)
4. Dirty Old Cut (4:08)
5. Wild Wild Dub (4:36)
6. Asylum (2:34)
7. Different Wak Dub (3:49)
8. Chewin' Mi Mic (4:29)
9. No Idol (4:30)
10. Scars (5:45)
11. Yuri's Porthole (5:05)
12. Magic Number feat Winston Mcanuff (5:05)
13. Over Time (8:22)
14. Man Made Machine (5:35)
15. Sleepless Night (4:12)
16. Airports Lights (4:31)


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