Friday, 26 October 2012

Overproof Soundsystem - Pull It Up (Collision Cause) 2012

Over 72 minutes of finest Dancehall & Dub! Includes the anthem 'War Must Cease' and the chilled version of the alltime classic 'Summertime'. Pull it up is a collection of styles bound together by a strong reggae influence, catchy melodies, heavy bass lines and conscious lyrics. Produced by Brian Nordhoff (Electribe 101, Groove Corporation) who also worked on the UB40 'Labour Of Love' million selling series and other essential releases. The 2012 line-up: Messenger Douglas, Juggla, Mighty Magoo, Stallion (G.Corp.) and Jah Grizzly (G.Corp.)

 1 Intro
2 Jump Up
3 Fire
4 Youth Culture
5 Shield
6 Tarantula
7 Summer Sounds-Summertime
8 Reality String
9 War Must Cease
10 Dub Afrika
11 Commander & Chief
12 Roots & Reality
13 Give I Strength
14 Unity
15 King Step
16 Mama
17 No Matter
18 Roots End 

Cat #: CCT30262 

VBR 320 Kbps:



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