Thursday, 29 November 2012

VA Bass Culture Players - Temple Riddim (LFM D10#002) 2012 EP

Bass Culture Players strikes back with its last release “Temple Riddim”.

Side A

Yeyo Pérez - Nos La Quieren Colar
Pequeño Zergiote - Ríe Ahora Llora Luego.

Side B
Cultural Horns - Occupy The Streets
Bass Culture Players - Dub The Streets

Mixed by Puppashan @ Discoinferno, Madrid.
Mastered by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" @ Rollover Studios, London, Uk.
Produced by Puppashan, Madrid 2012.

Released by: Dōjō / Lafamille Music
Release/catalogue number: LFM D10#002
Release date: Nov 19, 2012 


Dubwise Productions Meets Judy Green (DWCD022) 2007

Genre: Reggae / Dub
Year: 2007
Bitrate: 192-320 kbps MP3
Playtime: 01:10:38
Size: 110 MB

01 • Realignment [04:07]
02 • Real dub [04:10]
03 • The mirror [04:33]
04 • Mirror dub [04:55]
05 • Down for Jah love [03:58]
06 • Down for dub [04:21]
07 • Politician [04:11]
08 • Polital dub [04:20]
09 • Fear The Feeling [03:47]
10 • Fear Dub [03:52]
11 • So Long [03:42]
12 • Long Dub [03:47]
13 • How Many Days [04:13]
14 • Many Dubs [04:15]
15 • Live For Life [04:09]
16 • Life Dub [04:20]
17 • Million Years [04:06]
18 • A Million Dub [04:16]

Monday, 26 November 2012

VA Moshi Kamachi & Friends - Earth Strong Vol 1 - Ice & Fire (KDR009) 2012

KDR009 Various Album Arstists (Moshi Kamachi Special's)
Half a Billion Spliffs Later, and my Earth Day Coming in December (Asher)
I&I Decided to release some of my Specials for all to enjoy! Present on this Album some of my Best Friends... BIG UP To all of Them for the support of the years. covering a period from 2009 to 2012
Released by: KingDUB Records
Release/catalogue number: KDR009
Release date: Nov 26, 2012

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dub Division - Shalom (Planet Dread Records) 2012

ARTIST: Dub Division
TITLE: Shalom
LABEL: Planet Dread Records
BITRATE: 242kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 44min total

1. Shalom 4:08
2. I & I 4:43
3. Nsigo 4:42
4. Many People 3:37
5. City Rome 3:45
6. Nkokko 4:47
7. Marcus Garvey 4:48
8. Nyahbinghi 5:08
9. Tree 5:06
10.Twalibantu 4:12


Uwe Banton - Mental War (ALTA 005-2) 2012

ARTIST: Uwe Banton
TITLE: Mental War
BITRATE: 232kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h  53min total

1. Work                            4:44
2. Education                       4:43
3. From Yuh A Walk With JAH        4:00
4. Mental War                      4:20
5. Love Sweet Love                 4:06
6. Better To Know                  3:43
7. Can't Forget                    4:30
8. The Roots Of It (Cannabis Song) 3:23
9. No Control                      4:39
10.Thought I'd Let You Know        3:53
11.Ithiopian Ites                  3:52
12.Put It Down                     3:18
13.Love Sweet Love (Vibes Mix)     3:49

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Niney The Observer - Sing It Wicked Style (KSCD039) 2012

Great collection of Niney VOCALS. Bring The Kutchie Come alone is worth the price of admisson. Includes a few rarities as well.

Artist : Niney The Observer
Album : Sing It Wicked Style
Year : 2012
Label : Kinston Sounds
CatNr : KSCD039
Size : 78,5 MB VBR
Time : 55:56 min

01 01-blood and fire 03:07
02 02-message to the ungodly 03:23
03 03-bring the couchie come 02:49
04 04-keep on pushing 02:49
05 05-mix up 03:40
06 06-jah fire 02:42
07 07-ital correction 03:07
08 08-rasta no pick pocket 03:10
09 09-aily and ailaloo 02:17
10 10-hail i 03:42
11 11-everyone is a rasta 02:34
12 12-beg in the gutter 03:41
13 13-observing the observer 03:01
14 14-hiding by the riverside 02:53
15 15-mutiny (confusion in a babylon) 05:23
16 16-pum pum 02:25
17 17-you must believe me 02:32
18 18-honey no money 02:41
BACKING VOCALS: Dennis Brown, Slim Smith, Max Romeo, 
Heptones, Denni Alcapone, Lloyd Charmers, Densil Len, 
Busta Brown, Dobby Dobson
BASS: Fully Fullwood, Flabba Holt, Family Man Barrett
DRUMS: Santa Davis, Carlton Barrett
GUITAR: Chinna Smith, Tony Chin, Bingy Bunny
KEYBOARDS: Keith Sterling, Gladstone Anderson
HORNS: Bobby Ellis, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon 
PERCUSSION: Skully Simms

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Enos McLeod - Enos In Dub 7X-8X (Century CEND2004) 1995

01 - Class Act
02 - Hard Dub
03 - Goodbye Dub
04 - This Is The People Dub
05 - Dubin'
06 - Zion Dub
07 - Ticking Dub
08 - Why Must I Dub
09 - I'm In Dub
10 - Magic Dub
11 - Tears Of Dub
12 - See A Man Dub
13 - Lonely Dub
14 - Crazy Dub
15 - The World Is A Dub



Gregory Isaacs - And The Dance Hall D.J.s (VP Records) 1992

Artist: Gregory Isaacs
Album: and the Dancehall DJ’s
Released: 1992
Label: VP Records VPRL1234
Producer: Lloyd Dennis
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 95 Mb

01 – Storm
02 – Tun to the Father
03 – Gimme
04 – Gimme Gimme Feat Little Twich
05 – Unforgettable
06 – Woman a Wi Lover Feat Sheriff
07 – I`m Leaving
08 – Love Funny Feat Tommy Trouble
09 – Can’t Love You Alone
10 – Girls Dem Love We Feat Baby W
11 – Ungratefull Woman
12 – Ungratefull Dub Feat Pickout


Monday, 19 November 2012

Solo Banton - Higher Levels (Reality Shock 2012)

Since the release of the classic "Walk Like Rasta" in 2009 the English "Solo Banton" deejay recorded numerous singles for labels Europeans as well as the EP "Music Addict" for the label "Jahtari" in 2011 this new album "Solo Banton" collaborated with the labels and producers as "Random Productions, Torreggae, Digistep, Oneness Band, Damalistik, Highlight Music" as well as with the French"Unikson & Dub Squad Productions"labels for "Wicked Man & Rising Sun" singles.Regarding the titles present on this new project we discover the terrible "Bounce Back Deyah Now, Are You Ready?" but also the excellent "I Can't Believe" or even the very good "Me No Know, Never Hear, Brighter Side" not to mention the collaborations with "Michael Prophet" for the terrible "Open Your Eyes" but also with "Deadly Hunta" on the excellent "Rejoice" or even "Politician Knockout" in Duet with "YT"
1. Me No Know
2. Reggae Recipe
3. Make You Groove
4. Politician Knockout (FT.YT)
5. Wicked Man
6. Are You Ready
7. Deya Now
8. Who Am I
9. Open Your Eyes (FT. Michael Prophet)
10. I Cant Belive
11. Never Hear
12. Bounce Back
13. Brighter Side
14. Rising Sun
15. Rejoice (FT. Deadly Hunta) 

 225 Kbps: 


Friday, 16 November 2012

The Twinkle Brothers - Bribery And Corruption (NGLP569) 2012

artist : Twinkle Brothers
title : Bribery And Corruption
year : 2012
label : Twinkle Music
cat-nr : NGLP569
website :
quality : VBR 44 1 Joint-Stereo
tracks : 12
length : 44:24 min

Twinkle Brothers Inna Fine Style!!!

01 life is what you make it 03:52
02 bad habits 04:08
03 material gain 03:36
04 dub version 03:36
05 jah bless a good woman 03:45
06 dub version 03:47
07 bribery and corruption 03:32
08 dub version 03:40
09 mr wheeler dealer 03:22
10 at the ninth hour 03:43
11 dub version 03:45
12 hail him 03:38



The Twinkle Brothers - Glimmer Of Hope (NGLP573) 2012

artist   :   Twinkle Brothers
title   :   Glimmer Of Hope
year   :   2012
label   :   Twinkle Music
cat-nr   :   NGLP573
quality   :   VBR 44,1 Joint-Stereo
tracks   :   12
length   :   48:20 min

    01    The Truth                                                 03:52
    02    Version                                                   03:53
    03    Lady                                                      04:19
    04    Version                                                   04:22
    05    Love Jah Jah                                              03:51
    06    Version                                                   03:52
    07    Puplic Disorder                                           04:05
    08    Version                                                   04:10
    09    Glimmer Of Hope                                           03:42
    10    Version                                                   03:46
    11    Shakara                                                   04:14
    12    Version                                                   04:14


Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Twinkle Brothers - Bunker Buster (NGLP568) 2012

artist : Twinkle Brothers
title : Bunker Buster
year : 2012
genre : Reggae
label : Twinkle Music
cat-nr : NGLP568
quality : VBR 44 1 Joint-Stereo
tracks : 12
length : 44:51 min

01 You Brought It All Yourself 03:41
02 Make The Future Better 03:43
03 Behind Enemy Line 03:53
04 Terrorizing 03:47
05 Ground Zero 03:40
06 Legends Never Die 03:44
07 Bunker Buster 03:46
08 Massacre At Mazar-E-Sharif 03:35
09 Hijack At Stansted 03:52
10 Barn Yard 03:46
11 What A Sorrow 03:48
12 Crimes Against Humanity 03:36


VA dUb-Wise ( 2012

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mahom - Dub By Sub (ODGP040) 2012

More than a year and a half after the release of their debut album “Underground Dubwise” Mahom continues his epic trip offering us a brand new opus. Plainly entitled “Dub by Sub” Mahom presents this second chapter as a journey.
Composed of nine tracks this new project takes us immediately into a digital dub animated by acoustic melodies and rythm. “Dub by Sub” takes also on board four pieces in collaboration with artists such as Fedayi Pacha, Daba Makourejah, Mayd Hubb or Tetra Hydro K. Mahom sign here a work in the tradition of his previous album, a nice dub style between electro and acoustic, dating rich and colorful.

Free Download

Metastaz - Encounters (Tazart TZT01201) 2012

Three years and thousands of miles after Orient Dub Express, Metastaz is back with Encounters, his fifth forecoming album, released on the 10/29/2012

In this brand new sound odyssey, this inspired storyteller wrote each chapter of this brilliant opus like a single story, each with its own world.Between shadow and light, Metastaz’s imaginary is full of super heroes and fantasy creatures, whose stories are written on mystics riddims andall cleverly combined with basses.Miscelleaneous’s incisive flow, Yarah Bravo’s blasting gentleness, Sir Jean’s inimitable voice… : Encounters was made of prolific talents, inspired and surprising interactions…

And also remixed icons, such as The Roots and Sinead O’Connor.It is at the crossroads of diffuent electronic influences, insufflated by an insatiable curiosity and a real talent for cinematic atmospheres.This album is also a tribute to those who has been supporting him up, far and near, more and more numerous.

Those who supported the Ulule Campaign by giving a few euros to finance the production of this album.Metastaz’s spirit is always boiling with ethnics beats, broking up fronteers between musical genres…

Encounters is a blasting chronic of today’s world music

Click here to download Full Album MP3 320kbps direct download

Click here to download Full Album MP3 320kbps via Torrent

Click here to download Full Album AIFF High Quality direct downwload

Click here to download Full Album AIFF High Quality via torrent

The Anonymous 1 - Digital Dubocracy (Mixtape) 2012

Another Brand New Digital Dub/Reggae Ting! ENJOY!

1. Dub Riots - Rumours of the Rasta Lion
2. Fish Finger - Selectah's Riddim
3. Pure Solid - Reload Riddim
4. Roommate - Stir It Up Dub ft. Robert Dallas
5. Albert Hooft - DubStar
6. Kaffe McManna - Maggotty
7. Dub Terminator - Give Praise
8. Dub Breakah - Horns
9. FLeCK - Smoke Marijuana
10. FLeCK - Merda (Dub Riots Rmx)
11. Masked - Lion
12. Dub Salon - Properly Rolled
13. Fish Finger - Stand Up
14. Dub Breakah - Who I Am
15. Ras Zacharri - Anything Possible ft. Junior Kelly
16. Ras Zacharri - The Place ft. Chezidek
17. iLLBiLLY HiTEC - Higher Calling ft. Longfingah
18. Pure Solid - New Robot
19. Ninja - Tec Hi-Fi - Heng Down Your Head ft. Simple Simon

Tsunami Wazahari - Soma Hi-Fi (FPR064) 2012 EP

After nine months of hibernation, Poulp Fresh Records is back with the new Tsunami Wazahari ‘ep. After Ganesh Hi-Fi and Hanuman Hi-Fi, Soma Hi-Fi is the last part of this trilogy, where the goal was to explore several sound influences from Asia and especially India. Soma Hi-Fi is the most personal, between Dub, Trip-hop and world Music.


Artist : Tsunami Wazahari
Album Name : Soma Hi-Fi
Cat : FPR064
Date of release :11.11.12
Style : Dub / Trip-hop

1 – Tsunami Wazahari – All Deserve All
2 – Tsunami Wazahari – Molecular Minds
3 – Tsunami Wazahari – Enlightments
4 – Tsunami Wazahari – Destiny Search
5 – Tsunami Wazahari – Mantra Fi Them

Produced, Mixed & Masterised by Tsunami Wazahari
Bass by Rico Da Halvarez
Additionals scratchs on “Destiny Search” by Saimn-I
Artwork and all photos are personal pics by Tsunami Wazahari himself

Friday, 9 November 2012

Alpha Steppa Encounters Reggae Roast (Mini Mixtape) 2012

Prior to Alpha’s debut this weekend at Reggae Roast Jamdown he has sent this Ruff & Tuff Mini Mix to give you a taster of what to expect………..RUN IT!!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Brain Damage Dub Sessions - What You Gonna Do ? (Jarring Effects 2012)

With the album Ashes to ashes, Brain Damage was operating in 2004 an almost schizophrenic diving in music with the dark and cold, bottom that he so opposed to a personal version of a much more melodic and harmonious dub reggae. While it is true that the duo had slipped since strongly to the dark side of this dichotomy, it took wait until 2012 to attend a great return to melody, the heat and the approximation of some major anglo-jamaicains models of its kind. To do this, NATHAN Martin - now only commands chose to surround himself with talented vocalists who were able to transcend the musical worlds he had proposed to them. And if every individuality has brought a bit of her universe, it is interesting to note that these artists indeed seem to share common concerns, they evoke respectively in their texts.
When Learoy Green speaks of the ghetto youth, Madu Messenger evokes the great generals of the armies of the finance, Brother Culture proposed to fight with its radical plan. Zeb Mc Queen, meanwhile wondered about the attitude to adopt when totalitarianism will melt on us, what Mr. Parvez seems to want to answer that we have today to more than reduced flexibility. It is Sir John that will no doubt everyone agree by engaging different contemporary artists to pay attention to the words they use, the roles that they must keep at the example they give, especially to youth. Our humble level, act with our own weapons on the things and the people who surround us, it is precisely the message that Brain Damage intends to move on with this new album. A resolutely optimistic musical manifesto, contrasting with the dark aesthetics developed in recent years.

01. What you gonna do? .w/ Zeb McQueen     
02. We a di danger .w/ Learoy Green
03. Radical plan .w/ Brother Culture
04. Royal salute .w/ Sir Jean
05. The armies of darkness .w/ Madu Messenger
06. No solution .w/ M Parvez aka The Dub Factory
07. What you gonna do? .version
08. We a di danger .version
09. Royal salute .version
10. The armies of darkness .version
11. Radical plan .version
12. No solution .version


Supa Bassie & Raggattack - Dance it have fe Nice (TFYARD 003) 2012

Supa Bassie - Dance it have fe nice - (Ghetto Youths Riddim/ Raggattack) Grabado y Mezclado en el Tuffies Yard Studio @ Aldaia, Valencia por The Reverb Rebel - Tuffies Yard Movement- 2012 - TFYARD 003

 Link de descarga; 

Free Download

Monday, 5 November 2012

Alpha & Omega Meets Dan I - Blessed Are The Poor (Steppas Records 2012)

Steppas Records are pleased to introduce ‘Blessed are the Poor’, by the King and Queen of Dub, Alpha and Omega. Joining them on this 10 track release is Italian Roots singer Dan I. Alpha and Omega are titans of British Dub, and have played a crucial role in its development both locally and internationally. They have worked with every major industry icon and have been putting out albums at a consistent rate since the late 80’s. Prolific and well-respected by critics and fans alike, they have an almost prodigious talent for choosing musical collaborators who work seamlessly with their unique Brit-Dub sound. This trend continues with the ‘Blessed are the Poor’ release. Dan I represents all that is fantastic about the Italian Roots/Reggae scene. Commander General of the Imperial Sound Army, Dan I has a flow that is uniquely his own, while still having a universal appeal. This latest offering surely represents Dan I at the height of his powers and is sure to win him a legion of new fans. ‘Blessed are the Poor’ represents all the best qualities of the artists. From the opening moments of the title track, dub-aficionados will recognize this as a potential track of the year contender. Every track on this release is a winner however, with Dan I offering smooth, clear lyrics that compliment the flawless deep beats provided by Alpha and Omega. When musicians of this caliber work together, fans are rewarded with songs that demonstrate exactly how good dub can be.

A1 Blessed Are The Poor         B1 Charging Lion
A2 Blessed Dub                        B2 Prophecy
A3 Jah Arise                             B3 Dub Prophecy
A4 Arise Dub                           B4 Call On Jah Name
A5 Roaring Lion                      B5 Call On Dub

320 kbps:

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Prince Fatty - Versus The Drunken Gambler (Mr Bongo 2012)

The brand new installment! Prince Fatty Versus the Drunken Gambler is a mix of hip hop fantasy and reggae reality. A true tale of betrayal and revenge. When Prince Fatty discovers that his former master has indeed turned to the dark side, a broken oath releases 10 fatal strikes of Sound System Specials. Only Prince Fatty can stop the Drunken Gambler's evil plan, but to do so, he must first battle the deadly team of “Disco Monks” that will stop at nothing in the service of their overlord. No mercy is shown as Daddy Horseman strikes the blood stained swords of arch rivals and sworn enemies. Backed by the 'Supersized' assasins and the Mutant Hi- Fi, each having their unique kung fu style and weapons in an epic sound system battle lasting over 30 mins. Featuring Studio One legend Winston Francis and George Dekker from the Pioneers as the invincible Twins of Fury, Hollie Cook as the deadly Angel of Vengeance and as special guest, the infamous Dennis Alcapone. 
“When we play out, our sound system set can run for over 2 hours, Horseman toasts and I select and dub a mix of our own productions, specials and bootlegs. I like to play a few classics in the set and a little surprise is nice of course, for legal reasons we could not include the bootlegs though some digital bandits have uploaded some of them. This album contains the legal selection…a couple of originals, some new versions and covers from our dub plate collection. Of course we love Kung Fu, vintage public service announcements and Dub. With a mix of fantasy and reality I present Prince Fatty versus the Drunken Gambler.” Prince Fatty, 2012
01 Kung Fu Battle Ina Brixton (Featuring Horseman)
02 Ali Baba (Featuring Winston Francis & Alcapone)
03 For Me You Are (Featuring Hollie Cook & Horseman)
04 The Flasher (Featuring Horseman)
05 And the Beat Goes On (Featuring Hollie Cook)
06 Got Your Money (Featuring Horseman, Hollie Cook & George Dekker)
07 Go Find Yourself a Fool (Featuring Winston Francis)
08 Say What You’re Saying (Featuring George Dekker)
09 Ba Ba RI Ba Skank (Featuring Winston Francis & Alcapone)
10 Wet Dream (Featuring George Dekker & Alcapone)
FLAC (198 Mb):

VA - Music, Unity & Respect (Strictly Dub Records 2012)

Across the six track selection of Music Unity & Respect we are introduced to a number of different artists, all of whom champion a discernibly dub influenced take on D&B and give it their own unique twist. Warning Sounds' "Coming From" is a clip-clop shimmying number, whilst Variedub meets Dub Invader's "Iration" is a dubbed out, bass heavy riddim, and Mudang's "Jahyu" takes things on a more oriental-influenced tip. Genoc1de's "Smokin' Days" is a laid back roller; Tradesman & Trevor Dan tune into the old skool dub vibe with "Plate Dub" before Shanty-Nob meets Smiley Song for "Kiss In The Rainy June" which closes the EP.

01. Warning Sounds - Coming From 4:10
02. Variedub meets Dub Invader - Iration 4:12
03. JahYu - Mudang 4:00
04. Genoc1de - Smokin' Days 4:41
05. Tradesman & Trevor Dan - Plate Dub 4:48
06. Shanty-Nob meets Smiley Song - Kiss In The Rainy June 4:14

320 Kbps:

Friday, 2 November 2012

Roommate, Ras Lion & Darkwing Dub - Dub Der Guten Hoffnung EP (Avocaudio 2012)

01 Barrier ft. Jah Lewis
02 Blow Away The Wicked
03 Ruby's Yard
04 Barrier ft. Jah Lewis (Jungle Relick)

         320 Kbps:

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Moonshine Steppas Discover the Unified Power of Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty (2012)

Moonshine Recordings and Steppas Records have joined forces to bring you a collaborative release featuring some of the most current and exciting names in dub and bass music. Both labels are deeply involved in the current dub scene and their knowledge, respect and understanding of the music and its historical roots mean they are perfectly positioned to provide a release that has both depth and intense musical skill. Following a successful stint in North Asia Alpha Steppa of Steppas Records is back in the motherland (UK). Extensive touring and experimentation with traditional instruments has served to both fine-tune his production skills and inspire a burst of creativity. Never one to rest on his laurels, Alpha Steppa has quickly teamed up with Moonshine Recordings to continue his ever increasing contribution to the dub world. Alpha Steppa has also reconnected with his mentors on this record, forming the aptly named Dub Dynasty with UK dub heavy-weights Alpha and Omega. There can be no doubt that these three artists understand each others musical capabilities perfectly. This collaboration presents a taste of what music connoisseurs can expect later in the year when the heavily anticipated Dub Dynasty full album drops. Moonshine Records have worked with Radikal Guru and Cian Finn previously, on the well-received Rootstepa album and Rootstepa Remixed EP and that relationship and connection is clearly apparent here. Watch out for Finn’s deeply emotive lyrics on ’9 Years’ where he transforms a great dub tune into a powerful meditation on the cost of war. Finn and Guru work seamlessly together and it’s a testament to all involved that the tracks work just as well with pure dub or vocals. On the flip side, currently being subject to extensive rewinds by some of the most respected DJs in dub, dubstep and international bass music alike, ‘Ireland’ has anthem written all over it. And with versions and dubs from all of the above artists this release is simply not to be missed. ‘Moonshine Steppas Present the Unified Power of Radikal Guru, Cian Finn, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty’ is sure to find its way into the record boxes of every bass loving man, woman and child around the globe. 

01. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn - 9 Years
02. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn - 9 Years Riddim
03. Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn - 9 Years
04. Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn - 9 Years Dub
05. Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn - 9 Years
06. Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn - 9 Years Dub