Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Plus - Number One Sound EP (WEB) 2013

Plus is a Hungarian DJ/Producer, living in England at the moment, and moving to Scandinavia by the end of 2013. Plus' style varies from dub and reggae to hip-hop and electronic music. In his mixes and productions he enjoys placing the roots into a digital environment, but always respecting the foundation from Jamaica and African origin diasporas. His aim with his music is to give people a chance to forget their problems in dances, while listening to quality music which carries serious message. His Rastafarian messages apply to all religion and races, celebrating the One Love movement all around the globe. No matter how you call Him, Jah, Jehova or God, we are all blessed with his teaching and guidance through conscious music.
Plus - Number One Sound is his first, free EP. It is his final year project for his university course: Audio Design And Production.It's a collection of productions from the past, now available for download and some new tunes with appearances from Shocko (vocals), Darco (melodica, piano) and IIMabrac (vocals). This EP features 'You Heard Me', where the massive can hear Plus' voice and lyrics first time on the international scene.
Plus would like to say thank you for all who helped with this EP, and Big Ups as usual to all the DJ's, Producers, Singers and Players of instruments who spread Jah love in all communities!

1 - Upliftment Dub 05:11
2 - Conscious Dub 03:42
3 - Dread On The Moon 04:55
4 - Inspiration Riddim 04:06
5 - Hardsteppa (melodica cut) 04:00
6 - You Heard Me 04:19



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