Thursday, 28 February 2013

Osiris MC Mts Injham - ZE Conscious Way (KDR012) 2013


All Musics / Arrengements: Fred Injham
All Voices: OSIRIS MC
Released by: KingDUB Records
Release/catalogue number: KDR012
Release date: 28/2/2013
Mastering / Artwork & Special Thanx: 
* Moshi Kamachi *

VA Are You Ready - Rumble Festival Compilation (WEB) 2013

Pending the arrival of the festival, what better than a free download compilation with 18 tracks and remixes of artists participating in the Rumble? Are you ready to Rumble???


01. Metastaz feat. Miscellaneous - Hashashin
02. Om Unit - Ulysses VIP
03. Mac Manus - Sleepwalking (Hubwar Remix) [Highlife Records]  
04. J:Kenzo - Kimura
05. Habstrakt & Badjokes - Miaow (Hubwar & Nekochan Remix) [RLS Records]
06. A&B - Enemies
07. Brown and Gammon - Grey Skies
08. Tetra Hydro K vs Laura Romero - Ska Dub [7Lakes]  

09. Panda dub - Where Am I [Exclu]
10. Darling Farah - Picture [Civil Music]
11. Bourbonese Qualk - Suburb city (Heblank Bootleg) [Exclu]
12. Peev - The Opposites
13. The Uncowl - Fired Up (Likhan EWSP Refix) [Fullfridge Music]
14. Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter (Foamo Remix)
15. Teriyaki Boys - Tokyo Drift (Phazz Remix)
16. Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes (Mono/Poly Mix)
17. [voloDM] - Caliban
18. Gonjasufi - Love Of Reign DUB (MoreSounds RMX)

Dr Remix - High Five ! (LibreCommeLair LCL035) 2013 EP

Freshly out on LibreCommeLair (LCL) is this crusty set of 5 lofi dub bombs by Dr Remix. 

Even comodors have the right to get high... 

Download the full EP for free on LibreCommeLair website !

01 - Anything Dub
02 - Droid at the control
03 - 8 bits of dub
04 - Melodikaas and chips
05 - Jah Jah Dubs

Retro 8-BIT game sounds touched with 70's Dub FX are having my special attention and you can hear that
 throughout my latest creations. For the tunes 8 Bits of dub and Anything Dub, I was inspired by the community because of the wonderful  in browser music app and the friendly people."

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dynasty - The Watcherz (FPR067) 2013 EP

FrontAlready on our last Dub Tentacles Vol.4, Dynasty is the electronic mastermind of the Croatian band Waitapu.

Artist : Dynasty
Album Name : The Watcherz
Cat : FPR067
Date of release : 2013-11-02
Style : Dark Dubstep
Produced by Dynasty

1 - Dynasty – The Watcherz (4:03)
2 - Dynasty – 4H8rz (4:02)
3 - Dynasty – Kill For Dat Chill ft Ena Groteska (4:13)
4 - Dynasty – Sludge Massage (4:18)
5 - Dynasty – Mr. Dub Wobblina (4:00)

Photo by Tonny Tasset

All songs mastered by Tsunami Wazahari

#track 3 : Vocals performed by Ena Groteska. She will be missed, Rest In Peace…

Jah Warrior - Dub from the Heart Part 2 (JWLP013) 1998

Title : Dub from the Heart Part 2 (JWLP 013)
Label : Jah Warrior
Date : 2013 Source : Vinyl
Supplier : Gully

01 Jah Warrior – Wicked Man Dub 04:12
02 Jah Warrior – Warrior Steppers 04:30
03 Jah Warrior – Selassie I Dub 03:57
04 Jah Warrior – Dub Ina Ghetto 05:06
05 Jah Warrior – Walking Talking Dub 03:32
06 Jah Warrior – Marching to Zion 04:15
07 Jah Warrior – Journey into Dub 03:33
08 Jah Warrior – Thunder Dub 03:34
09 Jah Warrior – Zulumatic Dub 03:43
10 Jah Warrior – Moments in Dub 04:34

PLAYTiME: 40:54 min

Download links:

Monday, 25 February 2013

VA Rastafari Teachings: Vocals & Dub Part 1 (ROTCD-004) 1997

Rastafari Teachings: Vocals & Dub Part 1
Reggae On Top CD, 1997
Ras Imru Asha, Hughie Izachaar, Steven Wright and Barry Isaac

 1) Ras Imru Asha - Down In Bosnia
 2) Ras Imru Asha - Bosnia Dub
 3) Hughie Izachaar - My Life
 4) Hughie Izachaar - Life Dub
 7) Barry Issac - Talk Bout The Rich
 8) Barry Issac - Rich Dub
 9) Hughie Izachaar - Jah Love Sweeter
10) Hughie Izachaar - Sweeter Dub
11) Ras Imru Asha - San Paulo Nights
12) Ras Imru Asha - San Paulo Dub

Produced by: Barry Issacs


Friday, 22 February 2013

King Earthquake & Gussie Ranks - Zombies On Earth (KECD009) 2012

01 - DNA
02 - DNA Dub
03 - King Of Kings
04 - Kings Dub
05 - Smokeless Fire
06 - Fire Dub
07 - Share None
08 - Dub Share
09 - Babylon
10 - Babylon Dub
11 - Zombies Dem
12 - Dub Dem

thnx to Satta Massagana
Genre:     New Roots / Digital Dub
Sub Genre:     New Roots 2009-2011
Produced by:     King Earthquake
Approx. year:     2012
Date added:     Jul 18, 2012
Country:     England
Catalog number:     KELP009
Music type:     Vocal, Dub

Thursday, 21 February 2013

VA Izmo - O.M.N.I. (Marée Bass MBEP005) 2013 EP

Marée BASS and the Psychobydub Crew offer you in exclusivity IZMO's first ep, O.M.N.I. (Object Musical No Identify), as a free download.

As french musician (selector and producer), he played in the famous reggae band Raspigaous as a guitarist, and now working on a live experimental reggae set with a touch of jungle/dubstep vibes.

His eclectism appear all along his 4 tracks with a ska/rocksteady entrance with "Love Shackalak", "Marijuana", will take you to a roots dub ambience and its glittering brass, the jungle/dubstep atmosphere appears on "Trod Along", beginning on a reggae featuring Preecha Kongo, to finish on a  break-beat rhythm fed by wobbles, and  "Bang Bang", finalizing the opus with a remix of Nancy Sinatra, making us travelling by combining different kind of music such as salsa, reggae, hip-hop, and dubstep...


1.Love Shackalak - IZMO feat. B-52's 
2.Marijuana - IZMO feat. Linval Thomson
 3.Trod Along - IZMO meets Preecha Kongo
 4.Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra - IZMO Remix


Arise Roots - Moving Forward (Arise Roots Music) 2013

Arise Roots began production of their first full length album. They’ve spent the last year sharing the stage with some of the biggest touring acts in reggae such as, Barrington Levy, Kymani Marley, The Wailers, Don Carlos, Gondwana, Midnite and even hip hop heavy hitters, Public Enemy.

The goal of Arise Roots is to create a fresh reggae sound with a modern feel that appeals to all ages and races, but one that doesn’t compromise the true feel of roots reggae. Anybody who has had the opportunity to witness the band play a live show understands the powerful sound and positive vibrations that they produce. “Moving Forward” was recorded at top Los Angeles studio Kingsize Soundlabs with the help of veteran sound engineers Brian Dixon and Richard Robinson.
With a solid foundation of sound, Brian Wallace was brought in to master the album and add all the finishing touches. Always paying homage to past reggae legends, the album Moving Forward brings to mind the influences of Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Israel Vibrations, Alton Ellis and Gregory Isaacs. From a broader view, “Moving Forward” is an album for the people that creates consciousness with a modern edge, yet grounded in traditional roots.

ARTIST: Arise Roots
TITLE: Moving Forward
LABEL:Arise Roots Music
BITRATE: 179kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 1h  02min total

1. Arise                           4:25
2. People Are You Ready            3:39
3. Loving You                      2:56
4. Moving Forward                  5:28
5. The Vibe                        4:07
6. United We Stand                 4:32
7. Never Gonna Give You Up         3:32
8. Night Walker                    4:07
9. Uprooted                        0:46
10.Chop Dem Down                   4:04
11.Eastern Sunrise                 2:27
12.Party Tonight                   4:05
13.Get Up!                         4:37
14.Mellow Mood                     5:38
15.We Are Watching You             4:10
16.Hit the Ground Running          3:55


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jah Shaka - Kings Music (SHAKA 845) 1984

A1) Kings Music
A2) Repatriation
A3) Youths Of Today
A4) I And I Survive
A5) Thanks And Praises
B1) Kings Music Dubwise
B2) Repatriation Dubwise
B3) Youths Dubwise
B4) Survive Dubwise
B5) Thanks And Praises Dubwise

 Backing Vocals: Bright Spark, Jah Scorcher, Keith Douglas, Jah Shaka & Tony Addis
Drums: Errol The General & Jah Bunny
Bass: Byron Duce, Jah Shaka & Rass Elroy
Guitar: Martin Addis & Tony Benjamin
Piano: Mark Addis & Sergent Pepper
Synthesiser: Mark Addis & Victor Addis
Organ: Mark Addis & Sergent Pepper
Percussions: Mark Addis, Jah Shaka, Norman Grant, Jah Bunny & Sergent Pepper
Bongo: Jah Shaka, Brother Joseph & Jah Bunny

Produced & Mixed by: Jah Shaka
Mixed & Voiced at: Addis Ababa (London, UK)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Protoje - The 8 Year Affair (Don Corleon Jamaica) 2013

ARTIST: Protoje
TITLE: The 8 Year Affair
LABEL: Don Corleon Jamaica
BITRATE: 237kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h  57min total
Track List:

1. The 8 Year Affair                       4:50
2. I & I                                   3:56
3. Kingston Be Wise                        4:11
4. Hold You Now                            4:20
5. Someone Like U (Ft Tessa Chin)           4:18
6. Around The World (Ft Chris Watts)           3:14
7. Who Dem A Program                        3:27
8. This Is NOT A Marijuana Song            4:07
9. Reggae Revival (Feat Romain Virgo)        4:12
10.Come My Way                             4:33
11.Shot By Love (Feat Toi)                 3:42
12.Black Cinderella                        3:56
13.Hail Ras Tafari                         3:43
14.Music From My Heart                    5:20

Junior Culture - Heights Of Great Man (Dan Dada Records) 2013

Junior Culture defines Reggae music as the beat of the world.
Junior Culture was born Jermaine Vassell on August 13, 1980 in the fiery Jones Town, in Kingston, Jamaica. Music sparked an interest in him from the age of seven years old, when he performed during
a festival at his junior high. The experience lit a fire in him, which continue to burn into his early teens. The decision to pursue music, especially Reggae Music, was stamped on his heart, in his psyche, and on his tongue. He was encouraged by his Aunt to write his first song called ‘A fi tek a look’ recorded at King Bully’s Recording Studio in Spanish Town.

Free Download

Junior Culture - Parliment 03:43

Junior Culture - Burn The Whisperers 03:36

Junior Culture - Falling 04:15

Junior Culture ft. Nadia - No Holiday 03:18

Junior Culture - Bun Di System 02:52

Junior Culture - Some Want To See You Rise 03:50

Junior Culture - Trying 03:48

Junior Culture ft. Fyah Shane - Black woman 03:18

Junior Culture - Sweet Loving 03:24

Junior Culture - Victim Of Badmine 03:39

Junior Culture - Suffering 03:42

Junior Culture - A Nuh We Friend 03:45

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rashani - King Lion (Zamani Records) 2013

A great collection of conscious reggae songs, that would definitely satisfy your reggae enthusiastic minds, body and soul.
artist : Rashani 
title : King Lion 
year : 2013 
label : Zamani Records 

01 modern day slaves 05:03 
02 never honored 04:58 
03 no propaganda 05:00 
04 king lion 05:02 
05 song for the children ft. halima 05:02 
06 another sacrifice 04:59 
07 people of the world unite 05:01 
08 visionary man 05:01 
09 forbidden truth 04:08 
10 black jack 04:12 
11 jah won’t let my enemies 04:56 
12 pain and suffering 04:59 
13 ready to bury me 05:02 
14 can’t hold us down forever 04:56 
15 one ah we 04:28
16 natty dread a winner 04:49


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Winston McAnuff - Don't Be Bait (Sip a Cup Showcase V.13 GPLP313) 2011

Winston McAnuff, the Electric Dread, meets Gussie P inna showcase style.

Side One:
1. Don’t Be Bait
2. Bait For Dub
3. All On Top
4. Works Are In Dub
Side Two:
1. Earthly Illusions
2. Burdens Heavier In Dub
3. Long Way Coming
4. Birds Singing In Dub


thnx satta masagana


Saturday, 9 February 2013

DubDerGutenHoffnung - A Dub 4 All Seasons (Mixtape) 2013

di Lions come out with full strength n powa set themselve free inna righteous showa go out and get active, haffi chase away the wicked! always forward, play di finest dub, haffi pick it jah jah calling I n I to reach mount zion haffi stand tall and roar like a Lion…

King Earthquake - Hornsman (Digid Remix) 2013

As a thank you for my supporters because I reached 1500 follower on Soundcloud and 1000 on my facebook page, here's a link for 2 free tracks, enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Guigoo Narkotek VS Vandal Kaotik - Raggatek Power (Kaotik) 2012 CD

100% raggatek CD composed of 18 tracks mixed by VandaL Guigoo
thnx to Zytouny

1/ Vandal: Dubplate style (Kaotik 03)
2/Vandal: Long Road (Sonik Boom 09)
3/Vandal: Ragga Ragga (Kaotik 03)
4/Guigoo: Rastooman (Guigoo 02)
5/Guigoo: Outta Space (Narkotek Hors série 03)
6/Vandal: Herbalist (unreleased)
7/Guigoo: Turn Down the lights (Kaotik 03)
8/Guigoo: Rasta moustache (Shoes 01)
9/Vandal: Original Nuttah (Kaotik 01)
10/Vandal: Hot Hot Hot (wicked remix 02)
11/Vandal: Fireburn (kaotik 02)
12/Vandal: Faty Faty (unreleased)
13/Vandal: Stronger (unreleased)
14/Harry Potar: Here I Comez (trafik 08)
15/Guigoo: Ding Dong (Sonik boom 10)
16/Guigoo: Heads Live (NKTVSWB02)
17/Viko: Police in helicopter (Vikonexion 01)
18/Vandal and Stivs: Gunshots

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Uptown Rebel - Random Road (French Dub Released) 2012

Uptown Rebel trio bass / machines / sax Bordeaux says her style with this sequel. Random Road, it is a culture broth dub that takes the listener to the sounds and rhythms as diverse and varied. Motivated primarily by the live training has attempted to recreate the energy in the studio of his songs played on stage. Three years after its debut, Uptown Rebel finally found its mark in style with full desire to extend a little more musical experience. "This is evolution of dub!" Uptown Rebel Zion UK would like to thank Sammy Gold & Dub Machinist for their participation.

01 - Faya a go red feat. Sammy Gold
02 - Dub a go red
03 - Original ghetto sound feat. Zion UK

04 - Rising Fate
05 - Rising Dub // Dub Machinist Remix
06 - Random road Part.1
07 - Random road Part.2
08- Cold chaos Part.1
09- Cold chaos Part.2

Download-Télécharger FDR_Uptownrebel-randomroad


Distributed by french dub released
Protected by creative commons : license by-nc-vd 2.0