Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jah Shaka - Kings Music (SHAKA 845) 1984

A1) Kings Music
A2) Repatriation
A3) Youths Of Today
A4) I And I Survive
A5) Thanks And Praises
B1) Kings Music Dubwise
B2) Repatriation Dubwise
B3) Youths Dubwise
B4) Survive Dubwise
B5) Thanks And Praises Dubwise

 Backing Vocals: Bright Spark, Jah Scorcher, Keith Douglas, Jah Shaka & Tony Addis
Drums: Errol The General & Jah Bunny
Bass: Byron Duce, Jah Shaka & Rass Elroy
Guitar: Martin Addis & Tony Benjamin
Piano: Mark Addis & Sergent Pepper
Synthesiser: Mark Addis & Victor Addis
Organ: Mark Addis & Sergent Pepper
Percussions: Mark Addis, Jah Shaka, Norman Grant, Jah Bunny & Sergent Pepper
Bongo: Jah Shaka, Brother Joseph & Jah Bunny

Produced & Mixed by: Jah Shaka
Mixed & Voiced at: Addis Ababa (London, UK)

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