Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dr Remix - High Five ! (LibreCommeLair LCL035) 2013 EP

Freshly out on LibreCommeLair (LCL) is this crusty set of 5 lofi dub bombs by Dr Remix. 

Even comodors have the right to get high... 

Download the full EP for free on LibreCommeLair website !

01 - Anything Dub
02 - Droid at the control
03 - 8 bits of dub
04 - Melodikaas and chips
05 - Jah Jah Dubs

Retro 8-BIT game sounds touched with 70's Dub FX are having my special attention and you can hear that
 throughout my latest creations. For the tunes 8 Bits of dub and Anything Dub, I was inspired by the community because of the wonderful  in browser music app and the friendly people."

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