Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Sysiphians - My Provider Promopack (Black Crown Records) 2012

Ras Hassen Ti and Puppa Rico 

aka The Sysiphians

and Black Crown Records

present My Provider

the first LP of The Sysiphians
This first 17 titles opus is produced and
distributed by their own label Black Crown
Records. It is the sum of two years of work,
collaborations with artists of France and other

In it, the album is a
concept of evocations and ideas on what The Sysiphians longs to express. A Pan-Africanism without resentment nor claims, just like the key title of the album My Provider a hymn sung by Ras Hassen Ti anddedicated to the glory of Jah and Ethiopia.
The same riddim for Peter Youthman (France) which 
intones here a plea on the universal love (Jah Jah mi providah).
Certain sens of history with the title Elephant Emperor, where Ras Hassen Ti tells
the famous battle of the valley of Adoua (1896). On the same riddim Ras Teo (USA) sing Work
 reminding that any work for a Rastafarian is above all in honour of Jah!
The hope for the youth with the title Noble Youth, ridiculing the effects of fashion
and the ignorance in favour of a certain ethics that of the righteousness!
All the riddims are produced and dubbed by Puppa Rico, mixed and mastered by
The Mister X (EMS Studio) ; they are declined in Dub and Stepper versions with
the collaborations of Mad Professor (UK) on Mad Provider and Franck Gonthier
(France) playing balafon with talent on Elephant Emperor.
On bonus The Sysiphians offer you their last vinyl Babylon Shisum released under
the UK label Urban Sedated Record.

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