Saturday, 5 July 2014

VA - California presents Ripe Vol.1 (Avocaudio) 2014

I just wanted to thank you all for listening and supporting Avocaudio as a label and musical entity!! This is a free summer compilation with 13 unreleased tunes and 7 tracks I thought embraced the sound of summer sunshine as well. Please feel free to share this compilation with anyone you would like. It's been a true blessing to work with so many talented producers and musicians over the past 5 years since Avocaudio was born. I hope to continue signing and providing music that helps fuel the vibe of life. If you like what you hear, please follow us & There will be a new website launch as well in early 2015. Also, if you yourself or someone you know has music you think fits the bill of the Avocaudio style, please send
links to Much love to you all and have a great summer!!!
With Love,
Justin (Roommate)

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