Friday, 11 July 2014

Don Goliath - Rootsstep Colossus (LCL-040) 2014

DON GOLIATH : Rootsstep Colossus

  This LP is a selection we made from more than 240 tracks of the über-prolific Don Goliath. Chosing between all these gems has been a titan work, we hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we do !"

  01. Fittest of the fittest
  02. Dem a Sin Melodica Cut (ft I-lodica)
  03. I love H.I.M. so dub
  04. Catch vampire dub
  05. Ises to Jah Sax Cut (ft Samson Benji)
  06. Children of Israel (Melodica Cut)
  07. Praises unto thee dub
08. Jah name (feat Iyah Ranx)
  09. Let us praise Jahovia dub
  10. Lively up dub
  11. Guiding star dub
  12. Calling on Jah dub

Mixed and dub-ed by Don Goliath
Cover : Mg
Complete Credits & info here

LCL - July 2014 -

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