Monday, 27 January 2014

Rootsteppa - Dub Evidence (Maree Bass MBLP004) 2013

Mulhouse-based artist Rootsteppa delivers his first LP, Dub Evidence.

Some engaged stepper with digital and catchy drums. The LP features a dub mix of the track “Global Inity” by the deep and melodic voiced singer Toully. This record also contains collaborations with the Jamaican singer I Bel, “Inner Riches” and “Cosmic”, two tracks perfectly designed for sound system parties. “Soul Freedom” and “Dub Heavy Dance” are two Uk Steppa tunes with a huge reverb, so wear your skanking shoes! 

“Future Nature” brings us onto a meditative dub journey with psychedelic instrumentals. The collaboration with Step High reveals the eclecticism of the producer behind this LP, an oriental electro dub completed by an electric guitar. You’ll also discover the wonderful track “Semillas de Invierno”, singed by Jennifer Paulos and embellished by melodica vibes. Finally, Redneck from Lyon mashes-up some riddim, “Healing Melody”. 

Prepare yourself to hear some massive dub steppa!



  1. Rootsteppa Meets Dr G. – Osmosis
  2. Rootsteppa Feat Toully – Global Inity
  3. Rootsteppa Feat I-Bel – Inner Riches
  4. Rootsteppa – Soul Freedom Dub
  5. Rootsteppa – Future Nature
  6. Rootsteppa Feat I-Bel – Cosmic
  7. Rootsteppa – Dub Heavy Dance
  8. Roosteppa Meets Step High – Sand on The Moon
  9. Rootsteppa Feat Jennifer Paulos – Semillas de invierno
  10. Rootsteppa Feat Redneck Sound – Healing Melody
  11. Rootsteppa Feat Toully – Global Dub

Mastering : Dr. G

Artwork : Behind Earh Studios


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