Tuesday, 11 December 2012

VA JFX Bits Compiles 1 - 5 (Jarring Effects) 2007 - 2012

5th project started there 5 years. Because the desire is always the same: to discover and promote the work of artists not seen everywhere, offering a snapshot of musical time. And because qu'actuel perishable does not mean that modern hype does not mean the work is that of the JFX Bits label: make the link between music which today inspire us and that we design.

       As human history - to know where we come to better know where you're going - this album has a taste for things we already love, and that those who seduce us. One of hip-hop, dubstep and all electronic music.

       Exclusively digital, you can download the JFX Bits in full on our website, or track by track on our Soundcloud. And do not forget that free is not synonymous with a work or a low interest. Some 30 artists, two art directors, graphic designer and a sound engineer worked several months to achieve this project.

       Get it, listen to it and, if you like, make a gesture by promoting the compilation or link, giving the sum that suits you, by writing to us ... Because these simple gestures, you are more than just a listener, you become an actor, a major component of the diffusion of music.

JFX Bits #5
Sortie : 25 octobre 2012
MP3 320

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