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Psychobydub Compilations 2006 - 2010

End of 2006, I started making compilations "Psychobydub."
My goal is to bring together various artists dub scene, recognized or novices, by putting in values ​​across several themes.
I have no aspiration commercial cut, just the pleasure of broadcast dub by sharing my discoveries from my relentless search for new sounds in this style.
The logical consequence of such a project was through the creation of an association to develop an annual event Live all the "psychos" dub.

Thirteen compilations are available for free download!
Do not do business and go see the artists live!

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
 Psychobydub : Roots Tradition 2006

01 Hypnotix "Roots"
02 MK8 "Introduction In Major Density"
03 La Voix Off & Polémix "The Sarko Skanking"
04 Manjul "Dub Fi Rastafarians In Mauritius"
05 Basque Dub Foundation "Satta Amasaganna"
06 Piratedub "Dub 11"
07 Serge Gainsbourg "Evguénie Sokolov"
08 Space Monkeyz "A Fistful Of Peanuts"
09 Revolutionary Dub Warriors "Antelopean"
10 38 Dub Band "Barba Mix In Dub"
11 Sinsemillia "Antifacho Dub"
12 Tiken Jah Fakoly "Africa (Dub)"
13 Groundation "The Dragon"
14 Kanka "Croon It"

15 Kaly Live Dub "Guilty"
16 The Revolutionaries "Angeless Dub"
17 Easy Star All-Stars "Exit Music (For A Dub)" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOADPsychobydub : Oriental Vibes 2007

01 Baba Zula "Gerekli Seyler"
02 Puja Dub Operators "President Jester"
03 Dub Jihâd "Aleph"
04 Yosh "Salaam"
05 Natacha Atlas "Dub Yalil"
06 Miniman "Oriental Dub"
07 Dubosmium "Waragine A Ragine"
08 Masaladosa "Jungly Baba"
09 Gnawa Njoum Experience "I Lala Dub"
10 Metastaz "Jah La Labad"
11 ElectroDunes "Guemra"
12 Dr Nagual-X "Petit Détour"
13 OhM "Tabla Dub"
14 Fedayi Pacha "The 40 Nights Of Musa Dagh"
15 Bally Sagoo "Awaaz Dub Ke"
Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Real Steppa' 2007

01 Weeding Dub "Justice !"
02 Molecule "Heat"
03 Gary Clunk "Delivery Dub"
04 Rasboras "Back To The Roots"
05 Maÿd Hubb "Little Homo Shanti"
06 Sardinia Bass Legalize "Fog"
07 Duck "Classicalised Dub"
08 Abassi All Stars "Message Of Hope"
09 The Disciples "From Genesis To Revelation"
10 Inadubstate "Mission (Massada Dub Mix)"
11 Disrupt "Riddim Grid"
12 Soul Fighters "Dombolossogo"
13 Mad Professor "Ebonics"
14 Direct Connection "The Final Dub (Professor Skank Remix)" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Oriental Vibes 2 2008

01 Les Ailes Du Gazon "Al-Quaïdub"
02 High Tone "The Orientalist"
03 Humanzee "Veedee"
04 Dub Wiser "I'n'I [feat. I Hugh-Lufenden]"
05 Sayag Jazz Machine "Avant Qu'elle Ne Parle [feat. Titi Robin]"
06 Junior Cony "Originally Dub Mix 1"
07 GG Project "Dounya"
08 Ez3kiel "Afghan Evasion"
09 FitiSound "Kara Kopru Dubliktir"
10 Dawa Hifi "Jerusalem Walls"
11 Ott. "Splitting An Atom"
12 Dr Das "Khapa Militantz"
13 The Rootsman "Destiny (Rasbors Inc Remix)"
14 Lazarperry "Shooting Star"
15 Panda Dub "Skysofrénie" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Voices Recital 2008

01 Dj Zebra "Gomm Jah Dub (Gomm vs King Tubby)"
02 Fumuj "Shit [feat. Natural I]"
03 Matisyahu "Warrior"
04 Dub Incorporation "Rude Boy"
05 Black Harmony "Don't Let It Go To Your Head"
06 Mou "Non È Possibile"
07 Dub War "Million Dollar Love"
08 Little Axe "Down To The Valley"
09 Tanya Stephens "It's A Pity"
10 Dubska "Dwa Swiaty"
11 Bénabar "Saturne"
12 The Dead 60s "Seven Nation Army"
13 Junkyard Productions "Last Night"
14 Asian Dub Foundation "Dub Mentality"
15 Mr Haze Dub Project "Soul Roots"
16 Roots Manuva "UK Warriors [feat. Riddla]"
17 Pushin "Come Togheter (Togheta')"
18 Erik Truffaz "Big Wheel [feat. Nya]

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Psychadelic Way 2008

01 Silent Bells "Liaison 44"
02 The Orb "Towers Of Dub"
03 Peak "A Train To Roots (2.20pm)"
04 Sushidread "Beginning Dub"
05 Cat's Eyes "Obo"
06 Dreadzone "Out Of Heaven"
07 Gaudi "Dub It"
08 Funkstar De Luxe "Sun Is Shining (Sand In My Shoe Mix)"
09 Tosca "Every Day & Every Night"
10 Massive Attack & Mad Professor "Bumper Ball Dub (Karmacoma)"
11 Zenzile Sound System "Basstone"
12 Dub Trees "Magnetica"
13 Pinch "Gangstaz" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Machines Supremacy 2008

01 Scotchy Dub "(Symbols)"
02 Aswad "Warriors (Jungle Dub)"
03 Zion Train "Universal Communication"
04 Sofa Surfers "Sofa Rockers"
05 Desmond Williams "For The Trees"
06 Freestylers "Phenomenon One [feat. Tenor Fly]"
07 Barrington Levy & Beenie Man "Jungle Dub"
08 Graciasfidel "500mg"
09 Authist & Dub One! "Mushroom Riser (Flashback)"
10 Twelve Code "Only Goes On"
11 Dring Toy "Dummy"
12 OnDubGround "Drum Effect"
13 Extatik "Voyage Ordinaire"
14 Casualty "Electronik Fight"
15 DJ Psychostick "Raggmatik"
16 La Phaze & Lab° "How Do You Fuck ?" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Real Steppa' 2 2008

01 General Dub "Close Encounters"
02 Roudoudou "Walking On The Dub"
03 Togetha Brotha Sound System "Discipline Dub (Ghetto Version)"
04 King Looping "K-Loop Steppa"
05 Dreadlock Tales "Medubtative"
06 Seven Seals "Amicalement Dub"
07 Botom Botom "Trance Europ Enfless"
08 Iration Steppas "Angelic Symphony Dub"
09 Le Peuple de L'Herbe "Lion Youth"
10 Kuro Loud Dub "THC Trip"
11 PistONE "Overjoy Dub"
12 Improvisators Dub "Time Of Decision"
13 Peter Broggs "Warning Dub"
14 The Dub Organizer "Mystical Force"
15 Vibronics "King Of Creation"
16 The Groove Corporation "Liberation Dub"
17 Nucleus Roots "Fari Dub" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Roots Tradition 2 2008

01 Baroque Dub "Dubolitions"
02 New Age Steppers "Painstaker"
03 Lyricson "Give Jah Praise (Dub)"
04 Buguinha Dub "Awo Dub"
05 The Clash "Robber Dub"
06 Sism-X "Pacific"
07 Glen Brown & King Tubby "Father For The Living Dubwise"
08 Orange Street "Cadenza"
09 Antidoping "Eleanor Rigby (Dub)"
10 Patrice & Silly Walks Movement "Oness Dub"
11 Spook And The Guay & Mad Professor "Cyaan Stop The Professor (Mad Remix)"
12 Ky-Mani Marley "Kinky Reggae Version"
13 Massilia Sound System "Disetz Fasetz Dub"
14 Victor Rice "Drum Thief"
15 Horace Andy "Collie Dub"
16 Hotdrop "VR Special"
17 Marcel Et Son Orchestre "Si Ça Rapporte (Biniou Dub Mégamix)" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Psychadelic Way 2 2008

01 Deadbeat "Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues"
02 Aïzell "Fairy Tales"
03 An Dao "Faither Forest"
04 Big Mama "Godzilla Dub"
05 Bombay Dub Orchestra "Feel (The Diamond Cake Mix)"
06 Soldiers Of Jah Army "Just Like The Land"
07 Life Vest "Dislocateur"
08 Léna "Mountain Dub"
09 Echospace "Empyrean"
10 Aïwa "High Wah (Dub.Pan Remix)"
11 Monsieur Moutarde "L'arme À Gauche"
12 Morpho "Nethebet"
13 M.I.L.K. "Symphodub"
14 Boozoo Bajou "9 Blow Zero" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub : Voices Recital 2 2009

01 Improvisators Dub & Iration Steppas "Critisize"
02 Brain Damage Sound System "Genetic Weapon [feat. Tena Stelin]"
03 The Strike Boys "I Am A Witness [feat. Emo]"
04 Dub Syndicate "Time [feat. Capleton]"
05 Junior Murvin "Police And Thieves"
06 Massive Attack "Five Man Army"
07 Willie Nelson "How Long Is Forever"
08 Lily Allen "Friend Of Mine"
09 Guarapita "La Beujam Style"
10 Lofofora "Weedub"
11 Ceux Qui Marchent Debout "Water No Get Enemy [feat. Dadi Toh-Cli, Sophie Bernado & Arthur]"
12 Don Carlos "Tribulation Dub Mix"
13 Djins "Get Up & Rock [feat. Brother Culture]"
14 Tes La Rok "Up In The VIP [feat. Uncle Sam]"
15 Manasseh "Natural Roots Original 12 [feat. Earl 16]"
16 I Roy "Tiddle Le Bop"
17 Bishop & Manjul "Get Up And Try"
18 The Black Seeds "Got A Girl" 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub Festival '09 Live Sessions 2009

01 Rafiralfiro Trio Intoxicated
02 Padawin Lasuliss Dub
03 Casualty Bad Story Of Lili
04 Tsunami Wazahari The Edge [feat. MC Saimn-I]
05 Drydeck Mon Ame Est En Peine
06 M.I.L.K. À l'Aube De La Réalité
07 Tsunami Wazahari Infracommander [feat. MC Saimn-I]
08 Casualty Green Garden
09 Drydeck Chapter VI
10 Padawin Iriss
11 Rafiralfiro Trio Ciudad Extranjera
12 M.I.L.K. Faky

01 Tsunami Wazahari Telekinesis [feat. MC Saimn-I]
02 M.I.L.K. Après La Lune
03 Rafiralfiro Trio Riksha Dub
04 Padawin From The Rain
05 Drydeck Thunder Dub
06 Tsunami Wazahari Fat Leg Dub [feat. MC Saimn-I]
07 Rafiralfiro Trio Adele Dub
08 Casualty Silo / Electronik Fight
09 Casualty 180 Sitar
10 M.I.L.K. Pain People
11 Padawin Stropezus
12 Drydeck Dragon Bass 

Psychobydub Compilations FREE DOWNLOAD
Psychobydub Live Festival ! 2010

01 Izmo Another State Of Dub
02 The Sysiphians Until Your Ashes
03 Barbés.D Resistancia Riddim [feat. I-Tchaïman]
04 Mahom Les Pingouins
05 Rafiralfiro Yo Tambien Opino Popeye RMX (Laglich's Yo Tambien Opino Remix)
06 Izmo Hey You !
07 Mahom Battement De Corps
08 The Sysiphians Marcus Garvey
09 Barbés.D Tell Me (Dub Version) [feat. Sista Bethsabée]
10 Rafiralfiro Untitled Dub #1
11 Mahom Lhassa
12 Izmo Stay Alive [feat. Sister Malika & Top Cat]
13 The Sysiphians Exalt Jah

01 Izmo No Gangsters Around [feat. Bunji Garlin & Faye Ann Lyons]
02 Barbés.D Salamalikoum (Dub Version) [feat. Houari Douli]
03 Mahom Falujhom (Molecule's Falujah Remix)
04 Rafiralfiro Africalujah (Molecule's Falujah Remix)
05 The Sysiphians Haile Ethiopia
06 Barbés.D Lafou (Dub Version) [feat. Houari & Hafid Douli]
07 Mahom Fasofeu
08 Rafiralfiro Untitled Dub #3
09 The Sysiphians Jahstick
10 Izmo Too Young (Exclusive Dubplate) [feat. General Levy]
11 Rafiralfiro Liberame RMX (Mondkopf's Libera Me Remix)
12 B-Side Crew Stand High Sound's Business Of War Cover [feat. Ras Hassen Ti] 


sfdoomed said...

These collections are amazing! My favorites are the two "Oriental Vibes" and "Psychadelic" mixes.

Thanks for the good music.

savageYHS said...

I agree with sfdoomed! *THANKS A *MILLION*!! - Rich *_^

RASANTON said...

This Diskarga is Beoutyfull!!!!Very Good!!!Thanks and Praise