Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Barry Issac - One Of The Emperor Son (NGCD564) 2003

Twinkle Music CD, 2003

 1) One Of The Emperor Son
 2) Slavery Days
 3) Seven Seals
 4) Get Up Now
 5) Bouy And Gal
 6) My Callie Tree
 7) I'm Not Taking It
 8) Thinking Of You
 9) Back Wa
10) You Think It A Go So
11) Tak All We Got
12) Strictly Roots
13) Strictly Roots Dub
14) Be On Guard
15) Be On Guard Dub

Backing Vocals: Norman Grant
Bass: Dub Judah, Norman Grant & Derek Fevrier
Drums: Norman Grant, Scratchy Fingers & Earl Facey
Lead Guitar: Black Steel, Dub Judah & Jerry Lion
Rhythm Guitar: Ralston Grant & Black Steel
Keyboards: Victor Cross, Norman Grant & Derek Fevrier
Percussion: Norman Grant

Recorded at: Twinkle
Mixed by: Demondo


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