Friday, 10 August 2012

The Twinkle Brothers - Praises To The King (ROTLP027) 2009

Norman ‘Twinkle’ Grant always comes correct, his standard over the years remarkably high, if its conscious warrior roots you’re after. This “showcase” album follows the one issued recently by Gussie P, and while it may not carry a title as in demand as Repent from the Sip A Cup set, this is nevertheless just as crucial. Produced by the redoubtable Barry Issacs with the usual crew in attendance as the Reggae On Top Allstars; Hughie Izachaar on guitar, with help from Conscious Sounds headman Dougie Wardrop and Issacs, hornsman Winston Rose and percussion from Norman himself. Inspiration provided, of course, by Jah. ROTLP027
Side One:
1. Praises To The King
2. The King Dub
3. I Will Always Praise Jah
4. I Will Forever Dub
5. Stomp It Out
6. Stomp It Dub
Side Two:
1. Judgement
2. Judgement Dub
3. Organise Yourself
4. Organise Dub
5. Warrior
6. Warrior Dub

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lolipoppornbitch said...

Hello could you please re-upload The Twinkle Brothers - Praises to the king :) much thankx , tomas